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Climate Protest


  • An environmentally sustainable future that safeguards customer 
    utility rates and reliable power

  • A leadership role in formulation of Federal and state environmental
    legislation with a guiding principle of value to PUD customers

  • A role for the PUD in the electrification of transportation

Protect the Environment

“Climate change is a serious global problem.” This is the first line in a 2009 Climate Change Policy I co-authored and published. Your utility was one of the first in the nation to commit to principles and strategies, a roadmap to a sustainable future. The power you receive today is 97% carbon free.

I support the PUD’s focus on local renewable generation paired with power storage technology. Construction will soon begin on the south Everett community solar array. The PUD recently partnered with the Tulalip Tribes to upgrade and double the output of the Qualco Energy Biodigester.


I approved new rebates and incentives to promote energy efficiency and power conservation. I support robust programs to protect fish, terrestrial, wildlife and avian habitats; particularly at the PUD’s five hydroelectric dams.

The rapid conversion to electric cars, commercial fleets and public transportation will drive the need for battery charging stations and home chargers. I approved pilot programs to evaluate options as a first step to design programs that are the right fit for the customer.

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