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A primary principle of public power is delivery of electricity and water at the lowest possible cost. Under my leadership your electricity rates did not increase during the recent 5 years of economic downturn and raging inflation. You also will not see the 20-30% electric bill increases facing customers throughout the nation. I demand smart use of your money and will continue to be tough on budgets.

The PUD Community Support Plan I approved is in the third year of providing financial and energy saving assistance to thousands who experienced a loss of income or unemployment due to COVID-19. 


You asked for PUD programs that fit your lifestyle. I listened. Today residential and business customers have more choices for energy efficiency, conservation, renewable energy, car chargers, flex-energy rates and much more.

I Commit to
  • Minimizing impacts from inflation on PUD budgets and financial plans
  • Stable rates and budgets
  • Expand PUD Commission outreach to customers
  • Decide broadband services to underserved communities
  • System upgrades that give you control of your power use, bill amount and payment options that work for you. 
  • Reduce storm power outages
  • Support for low-income and seniors
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