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Climate Protest

  I Commit to


  • Electric grid systems that alert the PUD the instant you lose power

  • A wildfire prevention program

  • Community-based electric energy storage

  • Cost-effective solutions to integrate renewable generation

  • The safety of PUD employees supporting all aspects of the business

  • A smart electric grid that improves service and saves you money

  • Participation in regional debate


Removal of the Lower Snake River Dams     

Shortage of regional power generation           

Challenge ruling by U.S. Supreme Court that may remove regulation of greenhouse gas emissions 

We take electricity and water for granted---until we don’t have them. A reliable system has fewer power outages, is safe, and is the bedrock to standard of living and economic stability for Snohomish County and Camano Island. It reduces utility costs and customer bills. I support the PUD multi-year program to automate the electric grid and communications systems. I am excited about “microgrid” technology as one solution to improve power reliability. Microgrids pair renewable generation and storage of unused power for release when you most need it. The Arlington Microgrid and Technology Center is the first installation in the PUD service area. Maintenance of electricity and water systems is critical if you want to keep the lights on and water flowing. I have hands-on experience creating maintenance programs. During a period of inflation and supply shortages, PUD crews completed 96% of planned system maintenance in 2021.

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